6333 S Racine Cir Site Plan

6333 S Racine Circle Building Elevations


We welcome you to our "Virtual Community Meeting". The meeting will inform you about a proposed development. Tell us about the impacts and benefits the proposed development could have, and how to improve it.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, the City of Centennial has developed a virtual community meeting process which utilizes mailings and online resources.


We want you to tell us about the proposed development, but also respect the City’s development codes and the Applicant/Developer's right to develop land. 

For example, if Community Members want the Applicant/Developer to paint a proposed building lime green, but the City’s development codes did not demand lime green buildings, it would be Applicant/Developer's choice to paint the proposed building lime green.

Summary of Roles:

  • Community Members provides written comments and asks questions about the proposed application. The purpose of this is to improve the proposed application.
  • The Applicant/Developer explains their proposed application to the Community Members. They will answer questions, acknowledge concerns, and will work to address impacts. They will have to follow the City's development rules.
  • City Staff/Case Manager guides the land development application through the process. They ensure the proposed application meets development codes. They also attempt to balance the concerns of Community Members and the interests and rights of Applicant/Developer.

We would like to invite you to share comments on the proposed land development application identified below.

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Share Your Thoughts

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After receiving neighborhood comments, the project developer will create a Community Participation Report, which will be publicly available once the project is formally submitted to the City of Centennial for review.

Community meetings are required by the City’s Land Development Code (LDC) prior to submittal of certain development applications. The purpose of the community meeting is to inform the affected property owners and neighborhoods about the proposed development application and seek comments about its potential impacts on the area which could reasonably be mitigated. These meetings are intended to be forums in which the applicant and property owners work together in good faith. However, they are not required to generate complete consensus on all aspects of the applications, nor to supplant or add to the standards of this LDC.