Resident Contributions

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We want to recognize residents’ significant contributions to the City. We invite you to share your personal stories about the City of Centennial. Photos are welcome.

Tell us:

  • why you chose Centennial
  • why you love Centennial
  • what you love most about living in the City
  • what you remember from when the City incorporated in 2001

Resident Contributions 

Below are personal stories about the City of Centennial shared by residents.

*Note: We continue to receive resident memories and recollections, so check back for updates.

  • "I campaigned mightily for this City. My e-newsletter, Centennial Update, started in 1998 as a way to get people to the petition signings we had several times. It's still in operation. I attended the first meeting at Arapahoe HS and the excitement bit me. I manned petition sites, helped design the sizes of the original Wards, you could really feel the buzz. Fighting Greenwood Village as they tried to deny us our self governance. Then, I ran for the original City Council in a field of 7 and won! Setting up the City was the most exciting time in my life (except maybe getting married & having a child)! It was so fast paced, trying to get everything done at once. That original Council was such a close team; it's never been like that again. It now seems so mundane but, I'm still really glad it happened and am very proud of what we accomplished in such a short time."

- Submitted by Andrea Suhaka, Centennial resident, 48 years in the same home

  • "It was a privilege and honor to be elected and then serve on the Centennial Charter Commission. It was wonderful to work together with everyone to create the city charter.

It has been exciting for our family to serve on several city committees and commissions throughout the years and be a part of what Centennial is today.

I enjoyed watching our first city council members lay the foundation for our city. They were genuinely concerned about residential areas and how to best protect them."

- Submitted by Rhonda Livingston, Centennial resident, 27 years in the same home

  • "We’ve had the pleasure of owning businesses in Centennial for more than a decade. We are fortunate to have found a Centennial home for our next venture, Big Blue Swim School, which is at the corner of Smoky Hill and Himalaya and opens to the public in May. Centennial has been a wonderful place for us because it’s filled with active families and business owners who make it feel like a community.

    Quite simply, we love the vibe in Centennial! It’s a great blend of city and suburb with plenty of green space, a commitment to help small business owners, and an incredible community feel celebrated by its residents. The blended demographics gives Centennial character and is a great cross section of culture in the region. We love it here and look forward to our next 20 years in Centennial!"

Submitted by Wendy and Eric Skaalerud, Centennial residents for over 10 years

  • I am a retired Army veteran. I wanted to live in a community that I felt safe. I have two dogs and Cherry Creek dog park is close. I am near stores so I don't have a long commute. Also. My community has walking and bike riding trails. I took a month to observe Parkview meadows subdivision so I would be a long time resident.

- Submitted by Janet Jacobs, Centennial resident for 18 years

Photos Contributed by Residents

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