Centennial's Open Finance Portal Improves Access to Financial Data

Published on March 11, 2021

Open Finance Portal Graphic, money sign and calculator

The City of Centennial has launched a new Open Finance Portal, which provides the public a clear view into complex financial information. Open Finance is a financial transparency portal – part of Centennial’s commitment to the City’s Strategic Goal of Fiscal Sustainability by openly displaying the City’s accountability for taxpayer resources.

The City’s Open Finance Portal enters the community’s toolkit as a solution for expanded access and a transparent view of the City’s financial data.

“The City of Centennial has always prided itself on being fiscally responsible to our citizens and this portal gives access to the City’s expenditures and revenues in real time. The site is user friendly and includes interactive charts, graphs and tables that illustrate the City’s budget and how funds are allocated,” says Centennial Mayor Stephanie Piko. “This tool helps to build the City’s accountability and transparency for taxpayer resources that are being utilized to accomplish projects within their community.”

By providing greater access to financial information, the City opens its doors (virtually) by making public information as accessible as possible, allowing for increased accountability for taxpayer resources that accomplish projects within their community.

Drawing from the City’s Financial Management system, the Open Finance Portal includes the following:

  • Expanded interactive access to the City’s finances
  • Large, comprehensive data sets covering revenue, expenses, and vendor payments
  • User-friendly visualizations of the City’s financial data

In addition to financial access, the Open Finance Portal provides a complete picture of the City’s adopted budget and a preview of anticipated neighborhood and infrastructure projects. The City Budget serves as a communications and operations guide for the City by detailing strategic projects, service levels, and programs that fulfill the policy direction of the City Council and this unique tool helps integrate residents with the City, fostering a sense of civic agency, and leading to a community-driven approach to local government. 

For more information about Centennial’s Open Finance Portal, please visit centennialco.gov/openfinance.