Xcel Project Update No. 17: Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project

Published on December 17, 2021

Xcel Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project

Project Update

This is copy of a project update provided by Xcel Energy to citizens impacted by the Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project. To receive these updates directly, you can sign up here.

Issue: 17
Provided by: Xcel Energy

Segment 1 Restoration

Putting things back the way we found them is important to us. While most ground stabilization - seeding, mulching and sodding - is complete on Segment 1, work reinstalling fences and repairing damaged concrete surfaces - sidewalks, curbing and parking lot surfaces - still remains.

We've restored common spaces at deKovand Tot Lot, Progress Park and Belleview Park. Plans to restore areas along High Line Canal Trail, Little Dry Creek Trail and Brookridge Ball Park will carry on into spring 2022 to work with winter conditions.

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