Xcel Project Update No. 8: Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project

Published on July 21, 2021

Xcel Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project

Project Update

This is copy of a project update provided by Xcel Energy to citizens impacted by the Greenwood to Denver Terminal Project. To receive these updates directly, you can sign up here.

Provided by: Xcel Energy

We are beginning overhead line work on Segment 1

Workers are preparing for overhead line work on the western half of Segment 1, between East Orchard Road and Englewood Substation on South Windermere Street. During this process, you may experience brief, intermittent delays at select road and trail crossings. For your safety, signs and flaggers will be posted at each location. Landowners with an easement will be notified by door hanger before work begins. If we miss you, please call or email.

Work may take place Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., however, this may change for weather and other factors. Overhead work may take a week or more. We will attempt to contact you with a more specific schedule.

Learn what activities take place through August in the western and eastern halves.

What's Next?

What does pulling wire mean? This term refers to a pulling-tensioning method to remove and replace overhead wires. Equipment is set up on the ground at each end of a designated line section. Rolling wheels, known as stringing blocks, hang from each structure, allowing the wire to be pulled into place. The puller and tensioner machines work together to ensure the conductor always maintains the proper clearance, or distance from the ground. After the wires are in place along the route, they are adjusted to ensure proper tension, and permanently attached to the new structures.

The common term “wire” can refer to overhead conductor (used to transport energy), shield or static wire (used as a grounding source) and fiberoptic cable (used to transport communications data and for grounding).

Wire pulls are typically broken into sections based on the number of angles within the line. Structures that align straight for long distances are much easier to pull through than those with multiple turns. The more angles to maneuver, the more challenging a wire pull becomes, so the sections are shorter to reduce the complexity of the pull. Segment 1 will include six wire pulls. Each will take place independent of the others and at different times.


We need your help staying clear of the work zone. Even when workers are not in sight during the conductor pulling activity, wires and ropes may be moving overhead, either horizontally (along the route) or vertically (up and down). It’s important to stay out of the work zone, including the staked easement area on your property. Keep children and pets away. The entire work zone and easement area must stay clear for safety.

If you see something in the work zone that causes concern, please contact us directly at the phone and email listed below. Do not approach crew members or enter the construction area. Find more safety info

How To Reach Us

We welcome questions, concerns and comments. Contact us at 303-294-2726 and greenwooddenverterminal@xcelenergy.com.

Please encourage neighbors to visit the project website for construction information and to sign up for email updates. Past newsletters can be found on the project website’s Public Outreach page.

For project information visit greenwoodtodenverterminal.com.

The next biweekly email is anticipated to arrive the week of July 5.

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