City of Centennial's Community Grant Program Continues

Published on April 01, 2022


The City of Centennial’s Community Grant Program is in full swing. Last year, the City launched a Community Grant Program to provide an opportunity for residents to apply for financial support to improve community engagement, neighborhood identity as well as enhance and foster neighborhood collaboration. Two community grants were made available: Neighborhood Engagement Grants and Large Community Improvement Grants. Building on the success of last year’s grants, the City is offering both grants in 2022. Starting today, proposals for the Neighborhood Engagement Grant will be accepted until funds are exhausted. As a reminder the City has been accepting proposals for the Large Community Improvement Grant since March 1 with the deadline of April 17 quickly approaching.

The Large Community Improvement Grant supports larger-scale improvements to neighborhoods. Groups may apply for up to $10,000 per project for community-based improvements, including but not limited to neighborhood signage, fencing, landscaping improvements, place making, and community gardens. Proposals for the Large Community Improvement Grant will be accepted between March 1 and April 17 and information regarding the grant program may be found online.

The Neighborhood Engagement Grant provides small monetary grants to residents, HOAs, and community organizations located in Centennial to support community building events such as neighborhood block parties, movie nights, and social gatherings. Grant recipients may receive up to $500 per event to assist in covering costs. Applications for the Neighborhood Grant are now available starting today, April 1. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted; first come, first serve.

These programs are intended to reduce code violations and spur additional private investment within neighborhoods through the support of resident-led improvement projects and engagement opportunities. Both grant programs continue to pursue the City’s goal to increase communication among neighbors, build neighborhood identity and civic pride, and to increase opportunities to bring neighborhoods together.

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