Centennial Recognized as Safest City in Colorado

Published on 31 July 2020

AdvisorSmith, announced the City of Centennial as the safest in Colorado with a population of over 100,000. Cities in the study were compared and segmented by population size to find the safest small, midsize, and large cities in the state. Cities with population sizes with up to 10,000 residents were compared and labeled towns. Midsize cities with 10,000 to 100,000 residents and large cities with over 100,000 residents were also compared.

Each city was given a crime score that was determined using the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Data Set. The crime score weighted violent and property crimes based upon the severity of the crime.  

The study determined that the safest small, midsize, and large cities in Colorado were Wray, Frederick, and Centennial. In total, the study ranked 83 Colorado towns, 34 midsize cities, and 11 large cities. 

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