Kathy Turley

Council Member, District 1

When did you move to Centennial?

I moved to Centennial in 1980.

Why did you move here?

Schools and amenities

What do you like most about living in Centennial?

I like living in Centennial because each District has it’s own signature and together we are evolving into the safest, most beautiful urbanized suburb of Denver.

Why did you decide to run for City Council?

I ran to represent my constituents, my neighbors, my District to give “voice” to a larger body - City Council. I ran to represent District 1 and to participate in the bigger picture of framing and “birthing” our city. I ran because I know I can make a difference! My personality has always been persuasive and my values have been almost unrealistic to some. “Why settle for less?” is my mantra! Why not be a “Nordstrom City” instead of a “Walmart one”? I ran, because we can, together, do this today while we are still young!

What are your primary goals as a Council Member?

My primary goal for Centennial is to build character, our very own character, a personality and identity that we can claim as our very own - a future-ready city with connections below (Fiber initiative) and above ground (Placemaking, architectural design, North, South, East & West trails, transportation & mobility choices).

Hobbies & Activities

Recently completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and enjoys spending time on the golf course or playing her 12-string guitar in a local music group.

Memberships & Community Involvement

  • Arapahoe County Open Space Advisory Board
  • National League of Cities Federal Advocacy Subcommittee for Transportation and Infrastructure
  • South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation Open Space Advisory Board
  • Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council
  • Highline Canal Working Group
  • Littleton Public Schools liaison 
  • Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council/Local Coordinating Councils
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation (liaison)
  • Arapahoe County Council on Aging
  • DRCOG Aging and Adult Services Advisory Board
  • White House Conference on Aging - Governor's Delegate
  • Colorado Commission on Aging Board
  • InnovAge Advisory Council

City of Centennial Committees:

  • Home Rule Charter Commission
  • Senior Commission (alternate)
  • Centennial Open Space Advisory Board
  • City Branding & Identity (City council subcommittee)
  • Vehicle Parking (City council subcommittee)

What's My Council District?