2022 City Manager's Budget

City Budget

The City's Adopted Budget is a legal document giving the City authority to spend public funds. The Budget follows the policies, goals and services levels determined by City Council.

We balance each fund in the Annual budget, as required by the Centennial Home Rule Charter and the Colorado Local Government Budget Law. The focus of the budget document is to operate the City as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Adopted Budget


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2022 Adopted Budget(PDF, 12MB) - This file may take a while to download due to size. To see individual sections of the budget, use the links below

Introduction and Overview(PDF, 1MB) -Organization Chart, Government Structure, Community Profile, Budget Policies, Other Financial Policies 

Strategic Planning & Performance(PDF, 1MB)  - Overview of the City’s long term goals, and how the goals relate within the overall City plan

Financial Summaries(PDF, 2MB)  - Information on fund balance, total financial sources and total financial uses for all City funds

Revenue Manual(PDF, 1MB)  - Information on the City’s major revenue sources

Capital Projects(PDF, 2MB)  - Program overview, project descriptions and anticipated future planning for projects within the Street Fund, Capital Improvement Fund and Open Space Fund

Appendix(PDF, 13MB) - Glossary, Acronyms, Resolutions, City Manager Authorized Expenditures, Purchasing Policy, Financial Policies





Budget Process

The budget process is an ongoing effort of planning, monitoring of revenues and expenses and also Budget Committee review. The City Manager recommends a budget to Council. The City Council adopts the annual budget by December 15, as outlined in the City's Home Rule Charter.

The proposed budget is a matter of public record and is open to the public for inspection. Each Year there is one public hearing on the proposed budget. We post a notice in the newspaper at least seven days in advance of the time and place of the hearing.

Revenue Manual

The Revenue Manual(PDF, 677KB) is intended to provide City Council, Staff, and the community a comprehensive guide of the City’s major revenue sources. Within this manual, readers will find the City’s revenue sources categorized by fund, a description of each revenue and pertinent data visualizations for major revenue sources. Additionally, this document is designed to educate readers on the types of revenues the City receives, how they are collected, for what purpose they are intended, and the financial forecast of each revenue.