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Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors. Help show you care about the well-being of your community during this difficult time by purchasing from local Centennial businesses.

Did you know many Centennial businesses are now Five Star Certified? These businesses have implemented enhanced safety measures to operate with greater capacity.

Check out a list of local Centennial Five Star Certified businesses below.

Five-Star Recovery Partner Program

The Five-Star Recovery Partner Program Certification is a comprehensive health and safety initiative designed to spur economic recovery while keeping customers and employees safe.

How it Works

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The Five-Star Recovery Program certification status is impacted by two factors:

  • A demonstrated compliance with expanded COVID public health guidelines
  • The progress of the County using specific metrics that establish our level on the State’s dial  

Five-Star certified businesses are required to demonstrate compliance with expanded COVID public health guidelines and safety precautions so they can operate with increased capacity limits one level above Arapahoe County’s position in the Statewide dial if the metrics for that level have been achieved.

The metrics used to determine which level we are in is based on the percentage of positive cases, the amount of cases in a two-week period and whether we have stable or declining hospitalizations. Once the metrics have been achieved for each level there is a 7-day waiting period to ensure the metrics are holding steady or declining before businesses are allowed to move to the next less restrictive level.

Since the County was moved to Level Orange restrictions as of Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, businesses do not have to apply for the Five-Star Program to be eligible for those capacities. Businesses that have applied for and been accepted to the program will continue to operate at Level Orange capacities for the time being. However, once the County has maintained 7 days of decreasing numbers appropriate to Level Orange, certified businesses will then be allowed to operate at Level Yellow restrictions.

Application and Certification Process

The application is available on the Arapahoe County website. We encourage all businesses carefully review the following requirements on the Arapahoe County website prior to submitting an application:

  • Verify Taxing Location (identify what city or municipality your business is located within)
  • Check industry-specific requirements
  • Prepare Site-Specific Implementation & Compliance Plan

Once a Centennial business has successfully submitted their application, the form will be forwarded to the City for review and scheduling of an on-site inspection. City Inspectors will visually validate business compliance with stated program requirements, using a standard checklist(PDF, 79KB) . Once a business successfully passes inspection and submits any additional site-specific plans, they will receive an email informing them of program acceptance and a certificate to print and display in their window. Businesses that fail inspection will be able to correct any issues and reapply.

Read more about application requirements and the certification process on the Arapahoe County website.

Think Local! Support Local Restaurants.

View a list of Five-Star Certified Businesses(PDF, 81KB)

If you are trying to expand your space check out our Temporary Use Permit page. Also, view a list of Business Support Resources.