The Streets at SouthGlenn Documents

This page is an archive of documents relevant to The Streets at SouthGlenn, including documents related to the 2009 redevelopment and current proposed redevelopment. The following documents are included below: the Master Development Agreement and Plan; the Architectural Design Guidelines; pre-submittal notes; and the Traffic Impact Study (TIS) scope of work. New documents will be added as they become available.

The Streets at SouthGlenn Master Development Agreement and Plan

The site of the former Southglenn Mall went through a major redevelopment between 2006 and 2009 to become what we now know as The Streets at SouthGlenn. In 2006, the City entered into an agreement, called a Master Development Agreement (MDA)(PDF, 564KB), with the developer to establish the process by which the Southglenn Mall was redeveloped. The MDA requires a submittal of a Master Development Plan that establishes the zoning and rules of what is allowed to be built. In 2007, the City approved the original MDP for The Streets at SouthGlenn. Any amendments to the approved MDP must go to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for consideration. Plans for individual buildings may be approved through an Administrative Site Plan (ASP) if they comply with all requirements already agreed upon in the MDP, including drainage and traffic studies. The ASP process does not include any public hearings. The original redevelopment and all subsequent changes have been completed through this process. 

Links are provided below to the original MDP and subsequent amendments:

•    Master Development Plan (LU-0512-001)(PDF, 13MB)
•    Amendment #1 (LU-0704-001): Revised the Tenant Signage Criteria(PDF, 4MB) 
•    Amendment #2 (LU-0708-004): Revised the Layout of The Streets At SouthGlenn(PDF, 5MB)
•    Amendment #3 (LU-0710-001): Revised the Regulations to Accommodate the Parking Garage(PDF, 775KB)
•    Amendment #4 (LU-0712-002): Expansion of The Streets At SouthGlenn Regulatory Area(PDF, 6MB)
•    Amendment #5 (LU-0812-007): Revised the Lighting Plan(PDF, 2MB)
•    Amendment #6 (LU-0908-001): Revised the Tenant Signage Criteria(PDF, 10MB)
•    Amendment #7 (LU-10-00106): Revised the Tenant Signage Criteria (Current Tenant Signage Criteria)(PDF, 15MB)

The City also approved Architectural Design Guidelines(PDF, 3MB) concurrently with the MDP in 2006. These standards form the basis to implement a high quality of design and architectural character in The Streets at SouthGlenn. All subsequent redevelopment must comply with these standards.

Pre-submittal Meeting Notes

The pre-submittal meeting occurs in advance of a formal submittal and is meant to communicate information about the review process and submittal requirements to a prospective applicant as they consider preparing and submitting a formal application. A pre-submittal meeting occurred March 19, 2019. Notes from the meeting are available below.

The Streets At SouthGlenn MDP Amendment Engineering Notes(PDF, 170KB)

The Streets At SouthGlenn MDP Amendment Planning Notes(PDF, 285KB)

The Streets At SouthGlenn MDP Amendment SEMSWA Notes(PDF, 7MB)

Traffic Impact Study

The owner-developer submitted a Traffic Impact Study (TIS)(PDF, 4MB), as part of the submittal to amend the Master Development Plan. The TIS was conducted by Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig (FHU). View a summary of the TIS.