2019 Council Candidates and Election FCPA Forms


Candidates for November 5, 2019 City Council:

You may access contact information, such as phone numbers, email and website addresses, by clicking on the Candidate’s Affidavit and/or Committee Registration forms filed by each Candidate.  Affidavits and forms are also available for public viewing at the City Clerk’s office: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Voter information for this Election is available at www.arapahoevotes.com.  

Candidate Forms

Submit in Fillable PDF:

Instructions for Report of Contributions and Expenditures   (PDF, 197KB) 
Report of Contributions and Expenditures (PDF, 448KB) 
Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt Contributions(PDF, 130KB)  
Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate (PDF, 137KB)
Major Contribution Report(PDF, 21KB)


Submit Using Word Document:

Instructions for Report of Contributions and Expenditures (PDF, 197KB)  
Report of Contributions and Expenditures(DOC, 178KB)
Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt Contributions(DOC, 59KB)
Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate(DOC, 68KB)  
Major Contribution Report
(DOC, 36KB)


Candidates for Centennial City Council:

To view candidate information select the district above or click the next arrow.