Lifelong Homes

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The Lifelong Homes program empowers Centennial communities to enjoy more social, manageable, healthier, and friendlier lives. This page provides more information on the topics and resources residents may find beneficial to create a Lifelong Home. 

What is Universal Design and Who Benefits?

Universal Design (UD) refers to products and environments that are accessible to all people across the different spectrums of age and abilities, and supports individuals to live comfortable at any stage of life. 

Many different people can benefit from the features of Lifelong Homes including young families, older adult family members, people living with injuries or disabilities, and really … anyone! Features such as wider and more open doors and spaces, easily operable light switches and handles, good lighting, and healthy air make life better for all. Other features can add flexibility and adaptability to your home so that you’re ready to accommodate whatever needs you, your family or visitors may face. It is time to rethink how our homes can work for us, helping us to live our best lives now and in the future.

Lifelong Homes Assessment & Guides

The most helpful way to use the assessment is as a supplement when reviewing the five area guides available below. It’s recommended to open the assessment in a different web browser tab to reference the guides as you begin to identify aspects of the home you may like to update. Completing this resource helps residents learn and identify the aspects of UD applicable to your home construction needs.

For example, suppose you are planning a home build or have an extensive renovation project. An assessment can provide a convenient way to talk with your team of professionals (such as designers, contractors, realtors, etc.) about strategies and decisions you want to consider in the process.

More About Lifelong Homes

The following topics provide more information about the need, frequently asked questions (FAQs) for, and videos surrounding Centennial Lifelong Homes. Learn more about topics of interest by clicking on its drop-down title to access information. 

The Need to Rethink our Homes

The Need? Did you know the construction of the majority of Centennial’s homes happened in the 1970s and 1980s? As a result, many City residents find their homes less comfortable and adaptable to the varying needs of an average household today. Furthermore, applying learnings of the past two decades highlights how home environments significantly impact overall health and life longevity.

The Call to Action: Aging homes inadequately serve structures and needs today. Lifelong Home building programs champion communities to revisit their home renovations and rethink their home building process to apply Universal Design (UD) elements for increased home livability. With UD considerations and changes implemented, communities often find life crises and change less fearsome and financially draining. What’s more, Lifelong Homes help to make the entire Centennial community more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Housing and Home Assistance

City of Centennial House and Home Assistance information can be found by visiting the Housing and Home Assistance page


Centennial Lifelong Homes Partners

The City of Centennial is able to offer its Lifelong Homes program and resources through partnership with the partners listed below.  

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