Spark Centennial

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Spark Centennial is a program launched by the City of Centennial designed to develop a sense of community and vibrant shopping districts through placemaking installations, unique customer experiences and innovative projects.

Spark Centennial Experience Accelerator

Registration for the current cohort is now closed.

The City of Centennial’s Spark Centennial Experience Accelerator inspires local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives to reshape their business value by building meaningful customer connections through for-sale experiences. The program is a sandbox to create, prototype and test experiential ideas and new business models.

Program Highlights:

  • Virtual kickoff meeting
  • Multi-day workshop led by artists and leaders in experiential design and sales
  • Field trips, mentorship and ideation support; collaboration and connection with other local businesses, creatives and customer experience innovators
  • Opportunity to create, prototype and launch for-sale experiences – with funding support provided by the Experience Accelerator program – that build meaningful customer connections

This program is funded by the City of Centennial to support local businesses. Learn more about the program by emailing

Accelerated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital technologies have disrupted the way we work, shop, decide and connect. Consumers value their hard-earned time (and hard-earned money) even more. Pre-pandemic, 74% of Americans prioritized experiences over products and things, according to a study conducted by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics. Consumers want goods and services to be commodities that are easy to buy and that can be purchased at the lowest price. The Spark Centennial Experience Accelerator works with businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives to reshape their business value by building meaningful customer connections through for-sale experiences.


Welcome to the Experience Economy: your opportunity to create and offer Transformational Moments.

Movie theaters, concerts, restaurants, sporting events, amusement venues and tourism have always been some of the most popular choices for consumer spending in the world. Our program builds on this long history by helping businesses take these offerings into the future by creating interactions with products and services that are authentic and meaningful to customers. Participants receive tools to create offerings that are both exciting to customers and good for the community.


Participants in the program will work together to uncover, define and refine both your personal and business purpose in order to expand your for-sale offerings by pairing products with creative experiences. From there, businesses will work to build strategies, business models and a working prototype to test ideas for experiential offerings. Participants receive seed funding to support their ideas, direct one-on-one assistance from industry experts and customized learning opportunities throughout the program.