Centennial Center Park Expansion

aerial image of the park with the words Centennial Center Park Expansion

From 2017 to 2019 the City’s staff worked on the Centennial Center Park Master Plan(PDF, 12MB). During this time, Staff explored different options and layouts for the proposed expansion of the Park. The different options were presented to the Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB), City Council, and Centennial residents. Feedback from meetings with these groups provided the direction needed to finalize the conceptual layout for the Park. It also informed the phases of construction.

The construction is anticipated to occur as shown below:

  • Installation of necessary infrastructure, such as water, sewer, electric, gas, and stormwater.
  • Construction of restrooms at the Bluff, area around the Bluff, the Community Pavilion, the Folly, and the Gazebo.
  • Construction of sidewalks, the landscaped walks (Ramble), Picnic Grove, expanded parking lot, and Multi-Purpose Lawn.

Safety Note: Why is there a fence around part of the Centennial Center Park? The fence helps safeguard valuable construction equipment from possible vandalism or theft, and it protects any employees or pedestrians passing by the construction site. So, please be patient around the construction zone. The crews are trying to keep you safe.

Project Status: Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2021.

Estimated Completion Date: Winter 2022/2023

Project Map: View a map of the Civic Center Park expansion project(PDF, 2MB)

Note: The playground, coffee shelter, restroom and amphitheater will remain open during construction.

More Centennial Center Park Information

Visit the Centennial Center Park page and learn about this 11-acre, award-winning Park. Or, view the video below highlighting key features of the park.