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Online Mapping and Open Data

Centennial Map Portal

Centennial Map Portal for Easy Mapping | GIS portal to access the City's geographic information.

Open Data - GIS Downloads

Centennial Downloadable GIS Data | Downloadable GIS data in various formats

Interactive Maps

Neighborhoods and Special Districts

HOA, Civic Associations Map | The City of Centennial has over 150 HOAs, Civic Associations, and Neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods are members of the Centennial Council of Neighborhoods, an organization that was instrumental in the founding of the City.

Special District Map | The City of Centennial has a number of Special Districts that provide services to its citizens. Special Districts comprise school, water, improvement, sanitation, metro, and recreation. All of these districts range in size and population, making the City a unique model for the 21st century.

Community Design and Identity | People experience the City of Centennial in a variety of ways. One the most tangible ways is through traveling on its streets. The Community Design and Identity program allows citizens and others to experience the City with enhanced and pleasing monuments that are strategically located around the major thoroughfares.  This map informs the viewer about the phases of the program, location and monument designs.

Planning, Land Use, and Economic Development

Official Zoning Map | This is the Official Zoning Map for the City of Centennial Colorado with the 2011 Land Development Code.

Land Use Case Map | The Community Development Department reviews and approves land use cases. This is a map of active land use cases and their associated City Council Districts.

Economic Development, Permits and Sales Tax Activity | Case studies showing 2014-2016 sales tax district performance, residential building permit activities, vacant land analysis and new commercial development.

Arapahoe Road Corridor Study | Arapahoe Road Corridor Study seeks to leverage the unique urban landscape along Centennial's primary main street. The study highlights the City's economic development potential and articulates the most realistic opportunities.

Historic Annexations for the City of Centennial | Boundary changes over time for the City of Centennial 2001 to present.

Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation (Public Works)

Snow Removal Map

Street Sweeping Map and Schedule

2018 Centennial Street Rehabilitation Program |  This details the year's various street construction and rehabilitation projects.

City Assets/Streets

Street Age Map | Map of newly constructed streets

Map of Collector & Arterial Streets | Map of Centennial Collector and Arterial Streets.

Map of Medians for the Asset Inventory Sub Committee | Medians Identified for a Construction and Maintenance Program


Centennial Center Park Interactive Map

Centennial Trail and Recreation Plan Tour | Learn more about local Centennial's local parks and trails.

Centennial Virtual Brewery Tour | Learn more about local Centennial breweries!

Centennial Virtual Coffee Shop Tour | Learn more about Centennial's local coffee shops. 

City Tour - 2018 | Tour of project, highlights, and orientation to the City of Centennial

Maps for Print

Downloadable PDF Maps

Official City Map | A downloadable PDF of the City of Centennial.

District Map | The City of Centennial has four City Council Districts.

HOA and Civic Associations Map | This map details the Home Owners and Civic Associations in the City of Centennial. Centennial's Neighborhood is the core of the City's strength and were champions in the original incorporation. As long as the HOA and Civic Associations are leaders, the City's values will remain intact.

Official Zoning Map | A downloadable PDF of the City of Centennial's Zoning.

Historic Annexations | Historic Annexations for the City of Centennial- 2001 to Present.

Snow Removal Map | View the Centennial Snow Plowing Map to see Priority 1, 2 and 3 routes in the City. 

Sales Tax District Map | The City's Sales Tax Districts and Retail Market Areas.

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