The City cares what you think about our customer service. 

If you have interacted with City of Centennial staff, please fill out the survey below. We strive to provide exceptional experiences and your feedback helps us achieve that goal.

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What we do with survey feedback

  1. Monthly Reports. We provide a monthly summary of data to Department and Division Managers and it may be shared with frontline staff to motivate and at times improve performance. This report is typically provided about 1 to 2 weeks after the month ends.
  2. Other Reports. Key insights related to satisfaction with transactional experiences and overall loyalty are analyzed and shared at quarterly Key Performance Measures Committee meetings. Additionally, trends and possible area for improvement are studied and discussed at these meetings.
  3. Real-time Satisfaction Alerts. Real-time satisfaction alerts are generated whenever a survey respondent requests additional follow-up. This allows us to quickly respond, provide additional information and correct any service deficiencies. Each month we follow up with over 30 people who submit questions with their survey.
  4. Strategic Service Delivery Enhancements. Review and analysis of various survey metrics has led to the recommendation and oversight of multiple service delivery enhancements to improve customer experience.

We heard you!

Here are some examples of what we have done with survey data:

  1. Redesigned instructions for the NTMP Application Process. In October 2017 we simplified the instructions into easy to follow steps and provided a direct email address for those wishing to submit an application.
  2. Created online permit status and daily inspection times. Create an option for people to check the status of a permit and daily inspection times online. Customers can now view the daily inspection list online at and quickly access the status of a permit online at status .
  3. Added hold music to the Building Division line. In September 2015 we added hold music to create a more pleasurable experience for customers waiting to speak with a Building Division representative.
  4. Revised and simplified online filing instructions. Analysis of unstructured comments helped us recognize that our sales tax page and online sales tax filing instructions where somewhat confusing. So, we updated instructions to the online Tax & Licensing Forms and online filing instructions and to be less confusing, resulting in a four percent (4 %) increase in online sales tax filings.
  5. Alphabetized Issues on Report a Problem Form. Your feedback helped us recognize a need for a more organized list of issues in the drop down menu on our online Report a Problem form. Options are now listed alphabetically to make it easier to search for your area of concern.

Why we conduct surveys

  1. Uncover answers. Surveys are a non-intimidating tool for gathering insights about what is important to members of our community. 

  2. Base decisions on objective information. Conducting surveys can be an unbiased approach to decision making by allowing us to gather meaningful opinions, comments and feedback to better understand what is important to you. Surveys enable us to collect unbiased data from our customers and develop sensible decisions based on analyzed results.
  3. Compare results. Survey results provide us with a snapshot of our performance levels and your attitudes about our service delivery. This data is used to measure and compare results over time. Customer Satisfaction rates for many of our service areas are a critical component of the metrics gathered for the City’s Key Performance Measures program which helps the City remain open and transparent to the public about City operations.

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