Willow Creek Center
Willow Creek Center
Willow Creek Center
Willow Creek Center

Willow Creek Center was recently sold at auction to an undisclosed buyer. We will provide updates as they become available. VASA Fitness has signed a lease to occupy the former Safeway space at the Willow Creek Center, opening late 2017.

What happens after an auction?

  • A new property owner means minor or significant changes could be in store for the Willow Creek Center
  • There are no plans or proposals before the City at this time
  • The City will keep the neighborhoods informed via this web page

What is the City doing before the auction and how will the City use the survey results?

  • The City is sharing news of the auction among our network of real estate and development professionals to generate interest in the auction
  • The City is sharing the main themes of the survey results with City Council and the real estate and development community to communicate the neighborhoods’ ideas for the Willow Creek Center
  • The City can meet with interested buyers to discuss redevelopment options for Willow Creek Center


The City thanks the more than 750 survey respondents that provided valuable insight into the community’s relationship with the Willow Creek Center. View the survey results.

What did the survey reveal? (select to expand)

An overwhelming majority of the respondents

  • Are concerned about the future of the center
  • See a need for change, and
  • Feel the center is full of potential

Respondents want to see:

  • More restaurant options,
  • More retail options,
  • Walkable outdoor space,
  • Mixed-use, Streets at Southglenn type development

Respondents also had creative ideas for Willow Creek Center such as:

  • Restaurant incubator,
  • Marketplace concept,
  • Indoor dog park,
  • Maker space,
  • Drone racing, and
  • Art center

Majority of residents live how close to Willow Creek:

  • 65 percent of respondents live ½ mile or closer to the center

Age of respondents:

  • 35 percent of respondents were 55+ years
  • 28 percent of respondents were 35 - 44 years

Neighborhoods respondents live in:

  • 68 percent of respondents live in Willow Creek (1, 2, 3 & West)
  • 55 percent have lived in their neighborhood 10+ years

Why is the City exploring redevelopment opportunities with Willow Creek and other shopping centers? 

  • The retail world is changing
  • Online spending continues to increase
  • 53 percent of the City's revenues come from retail sales tax
  • People are spending more on experiences, such as dining out and entertainment, rather than on things
  • Dynamic shifts in retailing are beginning to impact our neighborhood shopping centers
  • We’d like resident input to help inform and guide potential future changes at Willow Creek Center

What’s happening at Willow Creek today?

  • Willow Creek Center’s Safeway has been closed for more than a year
  • It’s unlikely another grocery store will move into this space because of the many grocery stores already located within the general area.
  • Willow Creek Center is currently bank-owned
  • An auction is planned for 2017 but a date has not yet been set


Located one block off of C-470, the Willow Creek Center’s intersection at County Line & Quebec is a key juncture serving the southwestern neighborhoods of Centennial.  Both County Line and Quebec extend into residential areas surrounding the center, making the site attractive from a retail perspective.   

What’s Currently Working?

Longtime established businesses like Mama Romas, Dependable Cleaners and others remain successful. Many of these businesses shared they haven't seen a decrease in business since Safeway's closure. 

The perimeter of the shopping center contains a great deal of mature landscaping. Recent upgrades to landscaping around the parking lots and stores have improved the center’s image. 

Newer businesses like Core Power Yoga and Game Set Match appear to be doing well, helped by visibility from County Line Rd.

Potential Challenges

An analysis of the center from the City’s retail consultant shows the center has proven to be: 1) oversized with too much building square footage to be supported by the surrounding neighborhoods; and 2) poorly designed.

Although portions of the center are architecturally attractive, much of the retail is poorly located within the center. There is little synergy between the retail buildings preventing retailers from drawing from each other. The flawed design issues existing in the center have been the primary reason the center has failed to retain retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions (select to expand)

Why did Safeway close? 

 For reasons that are unclear, Safeway chose to cease operations at the expiration of their lease.  Safeway remains a retailer in flux with numerous store closings across the nation as they work to combine the Albertson's and Safeway brands into one concept.   

Will another grocery store like Whole Foods move in?

Opportunities to backfill the space with another grocer are limited with most grocers already located within the area.   Efforts to find another retailer for the building began as soon as Safeway shutdown with no success so far.

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