#MyCentennial Student Voices: Peabody Elementary School Speaks Up!

Each year, Peabody Elementary School holds a fundraising auction bringing together Peabody families, staff, and the surrounding community for an evening of fun. Peabody students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade were asked to participate in a writing contest as a way to get involved. This years’ prompt was: What does Peabody Elementary mean to you? The writing genre was open-ended so students were able to express their opinion in any way. Peabody means a lot to these students and to the community. 

See what these students had to say!

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by Amanda Kothe, 5th Grade, Peabody Elementary

What Peabody means to me
Is the teacher that never gave up on me
The devotion given to all the students
The loving hand to guide the way

What Peabody means to me is
Is the sugar in the cake
The leaves on the trees
The waves in the ocean

What Peabody means to... Read More

by Natasha Lamouria, 4th Grade, Peabody Elementary

Yellow, Blue and black
We’re all equal here.

Love and admiration,
brings a sweet smell in the air.
We’re all equal here.

A forest of learners and
a jungle of teachers.
We’re all equal here.

What makes you smile on a blue day,
“GO PANTH... Read More

by Odin Lien, 3rd Grade, Peabody Elementary

Peabody means to me my life because they teach me how to learn. Plus it makes me smart and I like to be at this school because it is like my home and I learn a lot of stuff at Peabody. I think Peabody is the best school in the world be... Read More

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