Centennial Tree Program

UPDATE: November 1, 2017 @ noon- ALL TREES HAVE SOLD OUT.

The City of Centennial is pleased to offer high quality trees to Centennial residents at a discounted price through the launch of its first pilot tree program!

The Centennial Tree Program encourages tree planting, helps ensure tree diversity, beautifies our neighborhoods, shades homes to help conserve energy and promotes water conservation through the selection of specific tree species. Five types of trees will be available to purchase through this program for only $60 (plus tax), while supplies last. Please keep in mind the trees offered through this program:

  • Will have a trunk diameter of 1"-1.5" and range in height from 5-12 feet, with none weighing more than 70 lbs. 
  • Must be planted on residential private property within the City of Centennial, with a limit of one tree per household. 
  • Are not warrantied, though they are grown specifically for the climate and soil conditions found in most parts of Colorado and generally have a high survival rate. 

Availability is limited. Trees will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Order & Payment

Trees must be ordered and paid for in advance by completing the below form, and all trees must be picked up Saturday, April 21 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. from the Centennial Civic Center located at 13133 East Arapahoe Road (please bring a photo ID). 

Participants must make arrangements to pick up and plant their own trees and are responsible for all maintenance, pruning, and watering. Prior to picking up your tree, please be sure to review the detailed preparation and planting instructions for advice on selecting a location, preparations required prior to picking up your tree, and planting instructions.

Tree Species

Included below are various trees the City is offering as part of the program. Click each tree name to expand and see further details.

Kentucky Coffeetree

Kentucky CoffeetreeMature Height: 50' - 60'
Mature Spread: 35' - 40'

This unusual tree goes through a transition of textures, very light, graceful and airy in summer, changing to a stark, very coarse picturesque tree in winter. Kentucky Coffeetrees greatly increase in beauty with age, starting out looking very sticklike. They tolerate higher alkaline soils and are low water use trees, once established. They have no serious disease or insect problems. The bi-pinnately compound leaves with pointed leaflets 1 ½” long come out late in spring with new leaves tinged pink to purplish, gradually changing to dark green almost dark bluish green in summer and then yellowish in fall. The shade of this tree is filtered because of the open shape and small leaflets. The only drawback of this tree are the brown pods on the female tree, 5-10” long, in the fall. They hang on into winter and give the tree an even more interesting winter appearance. Early Kentucky settlers made coffee from the pods, which if eaten raw in large numbers may cause illness. 
Source: Colorado Tree Coalition

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Autumn Brillance ServiceberryMature Height: 20' - 25'
Mature Spread: 15' - 20'

Bursting with white flowers in the spring time, this small tree will fit into a variety of different landscape. The oval shaped leaves emerge coppery-red, becoming rich green throughout the growing season and it produces sweet purplish-black fruit, which is edible and tends to attract birds.The fall color is a dramatic shade of orange-red and the bark is smooth and light gray.

Summer Charm Lilac Tree

Summer Charm Lilac TreeMature Height: 15' - 20'
Mature Spread: 12' - 15'

The Summer Charm Lilac is an upright spreading, small tree with dark green summer leaves that turn yellow in the fall. This cultivar produces large panicles of fragrant, creamy white flowers in late June and has lustrous reddish-brown bark that exfoliates in amber curls. Lilacs generally are adaptable to many soil types and are listed as moderately low water use trees. It is drought tolerant, low-maintenance, and generally resistant to disease.

Swamp White Oak

Swamp White OakMature Height: 60' - 80'
Mature Spread: 60' - 80'

This very rugged and hardy oak has a much better drought tolerance than the name implies. It is listed as a moderately low water use tree, once established. It grows to 60 – 80 feet tall with an equal spread, forming a broad, open, round-topped crown. Swamp White Oaks tolerate a wide variety of soils and growing conditions. The summer leaves are a lustrous dark green on top with a velvety whitish-silver underside resulting in a bicolor affect in the breeze. In fall the leaves usually turn yellow, but sometimes reddish bronze, and usually do not hold on into winter. Its 1” long acorn is usually paired.
Source: Colorado Tree Coalition

Turkish Filbert / Hazelnut

Turkish Filbert/HazelnutMature Height: 50' - 60'
Mature Spread: 35' - 40'

One of the top street tree selections in Europe, this tree has a strong broad pyramidal form, clean foliage and tolerance to alkaline urban conditions. The insect free leaves are handsome dark green in the summer in spite of heat, sometimes turning yellow, and persist late into fall. The nuts are ½ - 5/8 inches in diameter and are edible in the fall. Turkish Filberts thrive in hot summers and cold winters and although a well-drained soil is preferable, they tolerate both acid and alkaline soils, but won’t do well in heavy clay that remains saturated. When first establishing the tree, do not over-water it. It will probably leaf sparsely the first year: DO NOT ASSUME THAT MORE WATER WILL HELP IT. The first few summers it needs careful watering, but once established, it is quite drought tolerant.
Source: Colorado Tree Coalition

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