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The City of Centennial has a Snow and Ice Control Plan that provides information concerning the City’s winter storm management policies and plans.

The streets that the City plows are called priority streets and are identified on the Snow Route Map. The City only plows the designated Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets. Priority 3 residential streets are not typically plowed. Priority 1 roadways a... Read More

Priority 3 residential streets are not plowed except in the event of a severe winter storm and when authorized by the City Manager.  There are a few residential streets that do get plowed because they are a turnaround point for the plows servici... Read More

The City is in communication with the fire districts and Sheriff’s Office during every storm event. The nearest snowplow will be directed to respond immediately to a request by a fire district or the Sheriff’s Office to plow residential s... Read More

Streets that are not currently being plowed may be added if they meet the criteria of the priority policy. Due to budget impacts, requests to add a street to the priority snow routes will be compiled as they are received and evaluated after each wint... Read More

Residents, businesses, homeowner associations or their snow plowing service are not allowed to plow or shovel snow from their private property, parking areas, driveways or sidewalks into the street. Placing snow in a public street, including the gutt... Read More

The City does not have an ordinance requiring snow to be removed from sidewalks. The City does not maintain public sidewalks due to the lack of resources available to perform this task. In the interest of public safety and the absence of a City ordin... Read More

Ice build-up in the gutters and on sidewalks is not removed by the City due to a lack of resources to perform the work. Ice cutting operations are time consuming, labor and equipment intensive and damaging to curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Most build-... Read More

The Public Works Department has a standard operating procedure to only plow one travel lane in each direction on the Priority 2 and 3 snow route streets. This procedure is in place to maintain traffic in two directions. Unfortunately, due to poor vis... Read More

The City’s snowplows will create a build-up or “windrow” of snow across driveways in the normal course of street plowing operations. The resident, business owner or property owner is responsible for opening driveways that are plowed... Read More

The City uses a reddish-brown product called Ice Slicer for de-icing or to help reduce ice buildup. Ice Slicer is 92% salt with 8% minerals that give it the reddish brown color. Ice Slicer will make the snow and slush look dirty but after the streets... Read More

Each snowplow has an assigned route. If the trucks spread salt on their way to their destination, then they wouldn't have enough to spread along their assigned snow route. The snowplows may plow City streets on the way to and from their assigned ... Read More

Streets are designed to drain from the center to the edge or to the gutter. Plowing to the center results in water sheetflowing across the street as the snow melts. A dangerous driving condition is created at night when the sheet of water refreezes.

If a vehicle becomes stuck in a travel lane of a snow route during a snowstorm, the driver will need to take immediate action to have the vehicle towed to a legal parking area. The Sheriff’s Office is authorized to tow stalled or abandoned vehi... Read More

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