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If a fence between the two properties is falling down, the City will not get involved in matter between property owners. The property owners need to work with their neighbor to fix the fence. This is a civil matter to be handled between the two parti... Read More

Grass and weeds that reach of height of 8 inches are considered a nuisance and a violation of the Centennial Municipal Code. The accumulation of common weeds and overgrown grass creates health and safety hazards and increases the likelihood of pests ... Read More

Public Street

If the vehicle is located on the street, the vehicle owner will be given seven days to fix the vehicle and obtain current tags, remove the vehicle from the location or store it in a lawful enclosure or behind a permitted sight-screening ... Read More

Report a Violation online, in person at the Civic Center or call (303) 325-8000.

Call (303) 325-8000 and ask for the Code Compliance Division or the Code Compliance Officer that is handling the complaint you submitted for the specified property.

The City’s Code Compliance Division responds to all construction noise complaints. All other noise complaints are addressed by the Sherriff’s Office, (303) 795-4711. There are exceptions for emergency vehicles, equipment associa... Read More

No. The City has no legal authority to enforce HOA rules. HOA’s are independent legal entities, similar to private companies.

Please call (303) 325-8000 for more information.

If a violation is identified, the property owner/occupant is typically given seven days to correct the violation, however, the officer has the discretion to allow additional days. An inspection will be conducted after the deadline and if the violatio... Read More

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