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Every January, the Transportation Research Board, an arm of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, hosts their annual conference in Washington, D.C. This year, I joined 12,000 other attendees for sessions ranging from advancements in roadway construction materials to best practices in transit station siting. However, the biggest buzz surrounded two emerging topics: mobility on demand and autonomous vehicles.

Mobility on dema... Read More

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Bailey LittleOur last post talked about something blue (Bluetooth, that is). Now let’s talk about something old, something new, something borrowed, something… emerald. In this post I’ll introduce you to the team’s visit to the Emerald City – Seattle, Washington – and some of the new, old and borrowed ideas we picked up along the way.

The i-team was joined by the City’s resident GIS Supervisor/Data Guru/Pacific Northwe... Read More

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Melanie MorganIn our last post, Daniel identified the need to begin looking for new-age solutions to age-old problems. Today, we have gadgets that allow us to experience the world in a way people in the 1950s only dreamed – from wireless speakers to the ever-present smartphone. But in order to understand how these gadgets might be used to make our streets safer and more efficient, we must first understand how these technologies work. In this first instal... Read More

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During one of our multi-media review sessions two weeks ago, Scott Blumenreich happened on a gold nugget of transportation planning produced by General Motors’ Truck and Coaching Division in the 1950s titled Let’s Go to Town – Solutions to City Traffic Congestion.  Conspiracy theories involving GM and the death of the streetcar aside, this half-hour sales pitch aimed at policy makers and urban planners is a testament to the... Read More

by Scott Blumenreich

Scott BlumenreichGreetings Innovation fans!  It’s a pleasure to be writing to you from the City of Centennial’s ‘Innovation Lab’ located in the heart of Centennial’s Panorama office district.  Now that Centennial’s Innovation Team (i-team) is fully staffed and settled into our new ‘Thinkery’, it seems an appropriate time to start spreading our wings on the communications front.

To that end, one of the vehic... Read More

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