A permit is required for all new fences and the replacement of existing fences where height, location or materials are changing (e.g., chain link to wood).

If you are unsure if a fence permit is required for your specific job, contact a planner at 303-754-3308 for assistance.

To apply for a permit, please follow the instructions listed on the application. Permits are processed in approximately five business days but may be obtained over the counter during Rapid Review Thursdays.

Fence permit fees are based upon the project valuation (minimum review fee of $20) and due at the time of application. Once a fence is completed, a fence inspection is required.

If you are building the fence yourself, make sure you pull the permit before you buy your fencing materials. With a fence permit in hand, you will not be required to pay sales tax at the time of purchase with proof of permit. State law requires that materials are taxed at the rate of the jurisdiction in which the materials will be used and since Centennial has a lower tax rate than many of the surrounding municipalities, you may be able to save money.

If you are using a contractor to build a fence on your behalf, the contractor must be licensed within the City of Centennial. 

Standard Fence Regulations

Fences are required to meet the standards set forth within Section 12-3-602 – Fences, Garden Walls, and Hedges of the 2011 Land Development Code.

Generally, fences must meet the following standards:

Maximum Height and Minimum Setbacks for Fences and Garden Walls


Front Yard

(Must be 50% opaque)

Interior Side Yard

Street Side Yard

Rear Yard

Side or Rear Yard, Abutting
Arterial or Collector

Interior Side or Rear Yard Abutting CG, BP, I, AC, or UC District

Maximum Height

4 ft.

6 ft.

6 ft.

6 ft.

8 ft.

8 ft.

Minimum Setback from Property Line

0 ft., but at least 6 in. from sidewalk, if present;
5 ft. from streets, if no sidewalk;
Not allowed in required sight triangles at street intersections or in the public right-of-way

0 ft.

0 ft., but at least 6 in. from sidewalk, if present;
5 ft. from streets, if no sidewalk;
Not allowed in required sight triangles at street intersections or in the public right-of-way

0 ft.

0 ft.;
Not allowed in required sight triangles at street intersections or in the public right-of-way

As set out in applicable previous column of this table

Materials used for fences and garden walls shall be durable, and of a character commonly used in residential applications, including:

  1. Wood, provided that it will be durable using a weather resistant species, split rail design, wood that is treated with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved preservatives or finished (painted or stained and sealed);
  2. Ornamental wrought iron or powder-coated aluminum;
  3. Vinyl;
  4. Composite materials; or
  5. Masonry (brick, finished concrete, split face concrete masonry units, or stone).
  6. Chain link fences are permitted only in interior side yards and rear yards that are not also street yards.

The following materials are not allowed as fence or garden wall components: scrap lumber, plywood, tree branches, tree trunks, sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass sheets, barbed wire (except as provided in subsection C.3., above), spikes, nails or other comparable sharp points.

The finished side of all fences shall face toward any adjacent public right-of-way, City trail or City park.

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