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In 2013, Centennial voters overwhelmingly supported the City's intention to create a new fiber broadband infrastructure for the City.  

In December 2016, the implementation of the first phase of the City's $5.7 million Fiber Master Plan began. This initial phase is being built underground and centrally, in the City, in conduit facilities, known as the Central Backbone. View a map reflecting the Central, East and West rings of the fiber backbone and where the fiber will be deployed throughout the City. Additional phases will follow and be built over the next 12 to 24 months until ultimately the fiber backbone is deployed City-wide.

December 2017 Fiber Construction Graph

Key Accomplishments

  • Completed more than 23 miles of construction
  • Construction underway on the West Ring and scheduled to be complete Q2 2018
  • Design of the East Ring is complete with construction scheduled to begin Q1 2018
  • Installed the fiber shelter at the Centennial Civic Center to securely safeguard the termination point of the fiber backbone and interface equipment
  • Worked with contractors and CDOT to complete a joint build under the Arapahoe/I-25 interchange without impeding construction
  • Reviewed budget funds for the fiber backbone to ensure the project remains on track

As the City constructs its fiber backbone and continues to develop partnership opportunities, City Council has created a Fiber Commission to oversee Centennial FiberWorks, a program to implement the City’s fiber backbone. This backbone will connect and complete the City’s underground infrastructure, connecting to key City sites and other community anchor institutions. This backbone will enable both existing and new broadband providers to tie into the new infrastructure with the goal of providing better and more competitive choices and services for consumers. 

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News from the City's fiber initiative:

Ting Internet

Ting Internet announced their plans to consider bringing high-speed internet to Centennial as their next market for their “crazy fast Internet” fiber based service available to homes and businesses. The decision of where Ting would invest and build to offer internet services is entirely theirs, as Ting is an entirely independent entity from the City. To let Ting know you are interested in their service by pre-ordering, visit ting.com/centennial.

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