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City of Centennial Coyotes

The wildlife that share living spaces with people include foxes, prairie dogs, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, deer, owls, and cougars, just to name a few. One of the most controversial wildlife species in the City of Centennial is the coyote which play an integral role in urban environments.  They help maintain ecosystems and species diversity by keeping rodent populations down and scavenging on the flesh of dead animals to keep ecosystems clean.

Coyote Activity

There’s been a number of coyote sightings, encounters and incidents in the Centennial area this year. Coyotes in populated areas, such as Centennial, are less fearful of people and are known to attack pets and approach people. If you have an emergency regarding this matter, call 911. Report a coyote encounter or incident by completing an online form or contact Centennial Animal Services at 303-325-8070.

Coyote Management Plan

The City's Coyote Management Plan provides an overview of how to live with coyotes, and guidelines for responses to conflicts with coyotes. This plan was updated in 2016. 

Guidelines for living with Coyotes

If you live near or adjacent to a park, trail, golf course, or natural area:

  • Teach our children about the presence of urban wildlife, to never approach wild animals and to never feed wildlife.
  • Pet Owners: Always supervise your pet outside, especially at dawn and dusk. If you must leave your dog outside, secure them in a fully enclosed kennel that is securely attached to the house. Keep your dog on a short (6-foot) leash when out for a walk with your dog and never allow them to interact or play with wildlife.
  • Remove things that attract wildlife from your yard such as pet food, water sources, fruit from trees, and fallen debris from bird feeders. 

If you are approached by a coyote:

  • Do not run or turn your back.
  • Be as big as possible; use arm gestures to exaggerate your size.
  • In a loud, forceful voice, command the coyote to go away.
  • If the coyote does not leave the area, back away slowly while still facing the coyote.
  • Pick up any small pets or children that are with you.
  • Carry hazing tools and other deterrents including small rocks, a loud whistle or an air-horn.

 All pets should be vaccinated against the rabies virus. Unvaccinated pets that are in contact with wildlife may be subject to mandatory quarantine of 45 – 90 days or six months as determined by the Health Department. 


If you have an emergency regarding this matter, call 911. For additional information, contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 303-291-7227.


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